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The Power of the

Women's Spirituality Movement

A documentary short-subject series

ABOUT rise of venus

In the 1970s, amidst the era of women’s liberation,

the Women’s Spirituality Movement arose and offered a new, empowering way to connect with the Divine. Goddess worship has remained in our culture as popular spiritual path

ever since.


Rise of Venus presents interviews with leaders of the

Women’s Spirituality Movement and other women, whose revolutionary discoveries of our pre-patriarchal, goddess-revering roots and ideologies expand our idea of spirituality and elevate our culture’s views of women.  



Episode One: 
Intro to Women's Spirituality

In ancient times God was a woman, and women were equal to men. The Women’s Spirituality Movement revived ancient spiritual practices and helped women to connect with their glorious past and Goddess-focused worship. This episode introduces ancient female-focused cultures and the contemporary women who are bringing goddess worship to the mainstream today.

Episode Two:
The Mystery of 
Women’s History

If women were so great way back when, why didn’t we learn about it in school? In this episode, Miriam Robbins Dexter, a scholar of women’s history and Foremother of the Women’s Spirituality Movement, sheds light on the loss of women’s history, fascinating elements of women's past and the reshaping of Her story today.

Episode Three:

Power Under Her Skirt

Every woman has one, but most don’t realize its power or preciousness. In this episode we discover the vulva and its divine symbology in history, with a special focus on the Sheela na gig sacred female figure. Expert Starr Goode provides insight on the Sheela na gig, its significance in Irish history, and its dynamic representation of the Divine Feminine.

Episode Four:

Making Contact


Creating a connection with Goddess is as easy as saying a prayer of gratitude. Some spiritual paths perform multi-faceted sacred rites to invoke Her help to return to wholeness and spiritual transformation. In this episode, Laura Amazzone, a  Teacher and Yogini of the Shakta Tantra spiritual path, explains the rich process and restorative essence of goddess Durga-focused ritual.

Episode Five:

Long Beach Priestess


Seek the Divine and you will find Her. But how can a sacred union be achieved? Who activates the transcendence from earthly to heavenly realms?  For early goddess cultures around the globe, it was the priestess. In recent years, with the rise of the Women’s Spirituality Movement, echoes of these ancient priestesses have begun to resound clearly again, and modern-day priestesses are reigniting traditions to touch the Feminine Face of God. In this episode, you'll learn about the priestesses from long-ago, and will meet goddess devotee and Priestess Anniitra Ravenmoon.

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