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women's spirituality

a brief overview


Women’s Spirituality, or Goddess Spirituality, acknowledges the feminine side of God, often referred to as the Divine Feminine.


For some, Goddess is the prevailing Higher Power and Creatrix of all of life, who is gentle, nurturing, loving, and non-judgmental. Others may revere goddess one or more of her many ancient forms, each of whom embodies unique qualities and presides over various aspects of life. Whether the subject of worship is an all-prevailing Goddess or and individual goddess, the intention is to connect with Her qualities of love, peace and joy, and to establish these qualities of the Goddess within herself.

Goddess Spirituality is a source of strength, inner-peace, love, spiritual expansion, comfort and guidance.  It’s based on love, creativity, cooperation, compassion and equality of all beings.  It contributes to a richer life of joy, positive relationships, fulfilling opportunities.  

Goddess consciousness experiences everything as sacred, from the most mundane to the most spiritual. It’s inspires a practice of loving kindness to everyone, and gratitude for our life.


Women’s Spirituality celebrates the woman’s spirit, wisdom and physical body, including her sexuality, blood and ability to give birth.


It reveres Earth and honors the cycles of the seasons and the cycles of life, such as:  Maiden/Mother/Crone; Birth/Life/Death; Birth/Death/Rebirth.


Celebration and worship of Goddess and Divine Feminine can take the forms of personal ritual and community ceremonies.  Rituals can take many forms, and is free of dogma and strict rules. Women’s ancient religious roots are acknowledged and honored. Traditional and ancient sacred practices are often utilized during worship.


This recognition of the Divine Feminine is an invitation to raise our vibration as women to bring balance to the male energy that currently dominates the planet.

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