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message FROM Producer Meloney Hudson

Over the past several years, my mission has been to empower women and help amplify their self-love and appreciation. Women’s spirituality and women’s ancient history are two very important components of my work, for I believe that knowledge of our roots and a connection with the Divine (in any form) are keys to self-love and power.

In the year 2017, as I watched the continued struggle for women’s rights, and diminishment of some of them, I felt the call to produce the Rise of Venus documentary series. It celebrates the Women’s Spirituality Movement, which has been a path of spiritual and personal expansion for millions of women. With insights from experts of history and religions, and other crusaders of Women’s Spirituality, we learn the truth of women’s place in the pre-patriarchal world, and the means by which we can return to a world of woman-honoring balance.

The first time I heard about Goddess I experienced an enormous shift in my entire being. In the 1990s, a class about the ancient path of Tantric Yoga taught me that Shakti, the Cosmic Feminine, is revered and considered the vehicle to Enlightenment, and that without her, Shiva, the Cosmic Masculine, wouldn’t exist. In Tantric practices, women are honored as emanations of the Goddess, and thus I was a goddess. The instant I learned these concepts I felt stronger, more valuable, and grateful to be a woman. It set aflame my interest in women's history and goddess-focused religions.  

Before that moment, I'd considered myself to be a “liberated woman”, having been influenced as a young woman by the Women’s Liberation Movement of the 1970s.  But discovering the concept of Goddess took “liberation” to a new level. Knowing that the Divine Feminine dwells in me, and that merely being a woman is a gift to the planet, enhanced my confidence and amplified my self-appreciation as never before. My stance to be seen and honored was strengthened. I no longer felt like a victim of the system, but an empowered being of value to the world with the strength to make it better with my offerings.

My intention with the Rise of Venus series is to awaken, empower and inspire women (and men) to understand their true magnificence and their high status in life, in spite of what our social and political systems dictate. For it is only when we embody high value of ourselves that others will value us.  

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